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The secrets of the lunar cycle-New Moon

The moon has a powerful effect on both man and nature. Low tide and tide, sleep deprivation and menstrual cycle are some examples. The clock has succeeded in replacing the deep knowledge of our ancestors about these natural cosmic events and their effect on all life forms on the planet. However, in our time the interest in the relationship of man with the lunar cycle has revived.

Man has the ability to use this power to improve his health but also in the context of gardening, agriculture and almost all walks of life.

The moon completes its rotation around the earth every 28 days. When the moon is between the earth and the sun, it is not visible in the sky. This is called a Νew Μoon. The new moon can be compared to the phase of exhalation in the breath - that is, the phase during which we expel toxic gases and waste from our body.

We can prevent many diseases by fasting that day, because then the body eliminates the accumulated toxins much more easily. Also, it is a good time for liver detoxification.

The new moon marks new beginnings. If you want to get rid of an old habit, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, this is the perfect time. The old adage "The beginning is the half of everything" applies to the new moon.

If you cut a diseased tree during the new moon, it regains its health.

Similarly, treatment that starts with the new moon generally involves a speedy recovery. be continued

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