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Cleaning Rituals

Bacteria and other microorganisms can form in the mouth, nose, and other orifices in the body while we sleep and throughout the day. There are a variety of different cleaning methods that can help to eliminate these intruders, and several key tools :

Brush the Teeth: Brush the teeth with a mixture of one part sesame oil and one part licorice powder already mixed in a small jar together. This helps to free the teeth of food particles and any harmful bacteria living in the mouth. You can also just sesame oil alone. If you are prone to tooth decay, also use flossing. These methods should be practiced at least two times a day: in early morning and before going to bed.

Brush or Scrape the Tongue: Brush or scrape the tongue with a tongue scraper to remove any coating or bacteria on the surface. Conduct this practice in the morning and at bedtime.

Clean the Nasal Passages with Salt Water: This helps to clean out dirt and excess mucus from pollution in the air or an unhealthy diet. Along with doing this in early morning. also conduct this routine after getting home for the day.

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