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Use Nature to Reset your whole being

Urbanization, resource exploitation, and lifestyle changes have diminished possibilities for human contact with nature in many societies. Lot of research has been done on the health benefits of contact with nature. Exposure to nature can improve cognitive function, lower blood pressure, enhance immune function, support stress recovery and reset the sleep cycle.

But I think that everyone is wise enough to be aware of the nature's healing power.

I can tell that I have been lucky to born and rise in a beautiful Greek island and study in the green mountains of North Italy. For as long as I can remember myself, I am surrounded by nature's elements. There has been a moment in my life when I had to stay in Athens for further studies and that was a critical moment since the staying there had a negative impact for my health.

Now I am back in my beautiful island and enjoy its beauties.

When I have time, I use nature to reset and recharge. I take a mindful walk outside and if possible, I explore forest therapy.

mindful walk

Forest therapy taps into the now-scientifically verified theory that spending time outside can make you happier and healthier. The official forest bathing protocol, called Shinrin-yoku, was developed in Japan during the ’80s to help a burnt-out workforce reclaim its mojo. Forest bathing is a set of mindfulness practices done in nature to help you dissolve stress by connecting to your senses and to something greater than yourself—the energy and innate wisdom of the Earth. For example, in an exercise called Texture Gathering, you wander slowly, often off the beaten path, exploring the way things feel—rough tree branches, decomposing leaves, slick stones. You become fully present and alive, and your anxieties and fears about the past and future start to slip away.

When the weather is warm and sunny I prefer thalassotherapy. It’s long been said that the sea has healing qualities. Proponents of thalassotherapy agree.

Thalassotherapy gets its name from

the Greek word “thalassa,” meaning sea or

ocean. The therapy involves the use of seawater,

spa therapy, and the salty ocean

climate to improve overall health and well-being.

The practice has been used in Europe for centuries,

dating back to the Roman Empire when soldiers

used hot seawater baths to recuperate after battles.

The practice has grown in popularity since then and can now be found along most European sea lines.

Thalassotherapy can take many forms, including seawater baths, pools, exercise within heated pools, sea products, and climate therapy.

Practicing mindfulness outside means to meditate, enhance awareness in each moment in a natural setting. The senses become acutely sensitive to your surroundings and connect you to the space you occupy. A great tip is to incorporate journaling into your outdoor meditation practice to record any thoughts and feelings that may arise as you commune with nature.

However, interacting with nature can be in the backyard of your home among your plants or just under the sun exposed to

the life force of the sun.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan as soon as you can, your next outdoor reset and enjoy.

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