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the morning routine

Belly Breathing
  1. sit on a chair with the spine straight

  2. bring both palms on your belly button

  3. start pumping in and out your belly, feeling the inner muscles there, getting stronger and stronger

  4. keep pumping for 1-2 minutes waking up your center

  5. relax and focus on the feelings of the abdomen area, feel the energy there

  6. now start breathing moving only that area

  7. inhale and let the belly rise ,exhale and let the belly fall keeping the chest still, only the abdomen is moving

  8. keep belly breathing for 5 min

  9. when you'll master the belly breath, start using small pauses between: inhale-pause-exhale-pause

  10. you can practice belly breathing whenever you need during the day or before sleeping, to calm down and relax body and mind

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