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Create a sacred space

The time of your yoga practice is a time of focus.You aknowledge the space around you on which you are about to work. It should be quiet, with no interruption. You pick a place for the feet and plant them, one by one, deliberately connecting with the earth beneath. Participation at this level is important, if the link between your body and the ground is formed there is a centered calmness.

Making a time and place for your yoga is essential for mantaining a regular practice. Choose a place which is warm and where there is enough room for you to move freely. It is helpful to practice at the same time each day, the optimal times nbeing sunrise and sunset. Choose a spot that draws you inward.

Regular practice is the key to yoga. It is through practice that yoga becomes integrated in your life.

Decide how much time you have to practice each day, realistic time, and how many times a week. 

Yoga Pose
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