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Oiling Rituals

Certain parts of our body can become dry and malnourished, especially when they have been cleaned. When orifices like the nasal passages and the eyes become dried out, the various systems associated with them (resoiratory etc) become compromised in their ability to fuction. The following techniques will help to nourish the body parts associated with them.

Oil the Nose: Applying oil to the nostrils helps to lubricate the nasal passages and enhances one's breathing and calmness of the mind. Take ghee or another type of oil like sesame, almond, or olive on the little finger, and massage it into eachnostril. Then massage the nose after the oil has been applied while breathing through the mouth.

Oil the eyes: Placing melted ghee (crarified butter) in the eyes can have a cleaning and strengthening effect on them. Melt the ghee and place some in a spoon. Tilt the head back, drop one or two drops in each eye, and rotate the eyes around. Avoid if have any health issues with eyes like inflammation or chronic eye disease.

Oil the mouth: Swishing and gargling with oil strengthens the vocal chords, clears out mucus and bacteria in the mouth and nourishes the mouth in general. Take 1-2 tablespoons of sesame oil, almond oil, or olive oil into the mouth and swish it around for 1-2 minutes. Then gargle for several seconds before spitting it out.

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