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why is it important

In the West we often look upon "warm up" exercises as something that is not really necessary or important; it is like a little extra practice.

During the "warm up" we are not just moving our muscles and stretching- we are also bringing our awareness in the present moment and through our whole body when we move each part.

During warm up we are "grounding" both our mind and physical body. When starting the practice our mind might still be very much busy with things that do not concern the present moment, we are not present.

Therefor it is important to stand with awareness with our feet and legs and centering to the place where we are. Feeling the moment, the energies like gravity, life energy, sounds and our surrounding so we are bringing full awareness into the moment and the participation of these energies into our practice space.

When we are moving our body we are not just opening and lubricating our joints and opening the energy and blood flow,

we are also feeling the space around us and within us so that we can bring full consciousness into our surrounding and inner space.

Also we are much more able to keep a proper balance when we have connected with our body.

So the warm up practice help us to settle into stillness and awareness within, before we start staying still in the asanas (yoga poses).

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