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Nasal Cleansing

Most colds and viruses are breathed in through the nose. From there they work their way through our system to the throat, chest, and into the entire respiratory system. One of the most effective ways of stopping that cycle is to clean out the nasal passages. 

Nasal cleansing exerts a profound physiological effect on the body and mind.

On the physical level, irrigation of the nasal mucosa removes accumulated mucus from the nostrils ,associated passages and sinuses, allowing air to flow without obstructions. Regularpractice of neti mantains healthy secretory drainage mecchanisms of the entire ear, nose and throat area. This helps to ward off colds and coughs, hay fever, and tonsilitis. It builds up resistance to various diseases of the ears, eyes, and throat.

Practising neti promotes a balance between the right and the left nostrils and cosequently the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This induces a state of harmony and balance throughout the entire central nervous system.


Using a neti pot (or a small cup with a spout, a small teapot or watering can will work), fill it with warm saline water. The salt should be just enough to taste. Stand squarely, legs apart, body weight evenly distributed the two feet and lean forward. Tilt the headto the right side and place the neti pot nozzle in the left nostril. Open the mouth slightly and breath through the mouth only

Keep the whole body relaxed and let the water pass out through the right nostril.. When you have used the water, remain bending forward, center the head and let the water run out of the nose, close the right nostril with the finger and blow gently through the left nostril so that all the reamaining water comes out. Repeat, passing the water through the right nostril.

Through out the whole practice, keep breathing through the mouth and do not attempt to breath throughthe nose.

When blowing the nose, do not blow very hard, otherwise remainig watermay be pushed into the ears. It is important to remove all the water after the practice so irritation of the sinuses and mucus membranes does not occur.

  • Notice which nostril is blocked. Does it change from day to day? At different times during the day?

  • After doing the neti, do you feel a sense of clarity?

  • What happens to your hearing?

  • Does food taste differently?

Do not forget to clean thoroughly the neti pot and wash and dry the hands when use it, in order to avoid any infections

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