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strengthen & stretch the entire body

 Spring is especially dynamic and dramatic in its shift from Winter. This is a transition from dark to light and from cold to warmth. The next sequence focuses on finding stability while we expand under the sun. Approaching the poses with knowledge of intelligent modifications will help us enjoy the postures and all they have to offer.

We may remain in each pose for a few breaths.


Standing wide-legged forward fold
Prasarita padottanasana


Check that your feet are parallel and that their outer edges line up with those of your mat. Root your feet firmly into the mat, and distribute your weight evenly between your big toes, pinkie toes, inner heels, and outer heels.

 Keep your spine long. If you feel any strain in your lower back, bend your knees or come out of the pose.

Walk your hands back so your fingertips are more in line with your toes; press your palms into the mat. Let your neck and head be heavy.


Warrior II Pose
Virabhadrasana II

Bend your back knee to relieve pressure in the knees.

Press your back heel down for balance and support,

Press equally into your feet.

Keep your torso upright

Flip your palms face up to help soften the shoulders, then flip your palms back down.




Tree pose

Variation I: keep the toes of your lifted leg on the ground, your heel resting against the ankle of your standing leg

Variation II: keep your hands at your sides or in prayer position at your heart rather than raising them over your head.


Triangle Pose
Utthita Trikonasana

Avoid forcing the hips to squared.

Micro-bend your front knee to prevent locking it out.

Look to the side or down rather than looking up to prevent strain in your neck.




Reverse Triangle Pose
Viparita trikonasana

The torso moves backwards towards the leg behind while the stretching of the arms above the head takes the spine in a neat backbend


Head to knee pose

Do not overstretch the arms if you feel any strain in the shoulders.




Intense Side Stretch Pose

 Find balance while stretching hamstrings.

 If the back heel is lifted off of the ground, shorten the stance so you can push through the heel to activate the back leg. For more stability, widen your stance.


Sitting twist pose

If you have difficulty twisting ,don’t force it.
Keep your pelvis in a neutral position so that your spine can fully lengthen. To prevent straining in the lower back, twist evenly through your spine, initiating the twist from the sacrum. 




Seated Forward Bend Pose

There’s no need to touch your toes.

Extend your spine by lifting your sternum up and broadening across your collarbones.

Allow the breath to move fluidly with you in the pose, using each inhale to lengthen and each exhale to hinge deeper.

Bend the knees if you feel any strain

photos by eleftheriagiakoumaki

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