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Autumn is here

According the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements Theory, autumn is ruled by the Metal Element. It represents the entire cooling down phase from extreme Yang to extreme Yin. It is everything that condenses, contracts, conserves, shrinks and freezes. It is the time of harvest, completion, and the beginning of rest.

The emotion associated with Metal is grief, crying, insecurity. The challenge for a metal type is to learn how to express grief and find healing. Take time to let go of old habits or old ways of thinking and try to be spontaneous at times. Metal tend to strive for perfection which can be a source of disappointment including yourself.

It is the symbol of alchemy, ingenuity and refinement.

Metal is the surface tension between elements and manifests inside our bodies through our system of skin and fascia-an unbroken connection that runs from the depth of our bones to the surface of our skin.

Metal's body organs are the nose, lungs and large intestines(and colon).It is the time to take care of the lungs in order to avoid colds, cough, flu and other respiratory problems.

A metal imbalance could also develop intestinal problems that result in constipation or poor bowel function. Take high fiber food to help eliminate waste and prevent constipation as Metal is related to the Large Intestine.

Nevertheless, the Lung meridian rules the skin, so rashes, eczema, and problems with sweating can be related to metal imbalance. Take moderate fluid intake to retain skin moisture.

A metal routine consists in

  • in nourishing the limbs by stretching, moving, dancing, getting massages, swim in the ocean, moon baths, skin brushing, a well structured class of yoga, tai chi, qi gong

  • Aerobic exercise and deep breathing exercises can benefit the Lung

Cobra pose

stretches chest, the front of the shoulders and the abdomen for better posture, breathing and digestion, elevates energy and mood

  • meditation and breathing: find a conscious breathing practice and when your breath becomes calm you may hear the voice of the somatic soul more clearly

  • notice where you feel strong emotions in your body-heart beats faster? Legs go weak? Breathlessness? By simply becoming aware of these reactions and allowing them to pass using nice calm breathwork you create space and access the wisdom of metal element

  • The taste associated with Metal is PUNGENT. It is similar to spicy but pungent food is more aromatic and has a dispersing action that goes up and outwards. Try wasabi, mustard, Sichuan pepper, mint, and tangerine peel.

Metal Prayer

May you forgive and release your pain

Slice through ignorance and blame

See your reflection clear and true

Be honest and loyal; be YOU

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