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Τhe secrets of the lunar cycle (ΙΙ)


A few hours after the new moon, we see in the sky the rising meniscus. It takes another 13 days until the full moon. The nutrition we provide to the body in this phase will be very beneficial in relation to other phases of the month. This also explains why man is more fertile, as well as why in this phase and on the full moon more children are conceived and born. On the other hand, it is good to know that in the increasing phase, the healing capacity of the organism is reduced. Dental fillings, cases and bridges may not last long if the same work is done in the rising phase of the moon. Even washing clothes is less effective at this stage, even if the same amount of detergent is used.


After completing half of its rotation around the earth, the moon appears as a full moon - that is, it is visible throughout the night, and sometimes for a small part of the day. At this stage, the moon exerts a powerful influence on all life forms on earth. Sleepwalking, bleeding wounds, enhancing the properties of herbs collected on the night of the full moon, the increase in violent or criminal incidents, but also the increase in births, are due to the effect of the full moon. If a tree is cut down on the day of the full moon, it may be destroyed. Because the body tends to retain fluids during the full moon, it is best to avoid liver detoxification or other detoxifications that day. It is also recommended to avoid surgery as it favors complications and infections.


Over the next 13 days, the moon gradually decreases. The ancient civilizations knew that this phase is suitable for surgeries as the healing power of the organism is at its peak. If possible, schedule a visit to the dentist at this stage, or on the day of the new moon. Tooth extractions must be performed either at this stage or on the day of the new moon. In addition, physical activity at this stage requires less effort and is more successful. The digestive system works more efficiently - a small increase in food intake does not mean an increase in body weight at this stage.

Excerpt from Andreas Moritz's book The Complete Book of Alternative Medicine Volume II

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